RMB Instructors


Director | Dan Zugale

Assistant Director | Clay Beyert

Drill Writer | George Mattis

Music Arranger | Fannin Music Productions


Instructors | Nicole HunnemederMark Fabio


Captain Head and Battery Arranger | Tom Wang

Instructors | Dylan Lettie Julia Fackelman

Pit Arranger | Joe Keefe

Color Guard

Captain Head | Sam Aref

Instructors | Stephen Girard

Student Leadership


Drum Majors | Gillian Begg | Katie Vollmar

Band Manager | Sumay Sethi

High Woodwinds | Tommy Forzani

Saxes | Hiren Solanki

High Brass | Kevin Way

Low Brass | Matt Freedberg

Battery | Owen Rhatican

Pit | Beth Polito

Color Guard | Maggie Josling | Brianna Nemes

2020 RMB Board

Co-Presidents | Ellen Polito | Kelly Law
VP & Secretary | Kristine Czerniach
Fundraising | Megan Cudia| Katie Chan
Treasurer | Dorothy Dobbie
Merchandise | Kelly Law
Webmaster | Kelly Law
Board Member | Si Chen
Board Member | Brett Hodges
Board Member | Kandi Rocchi

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